Curing Powder Coating With IR

Powder coating is an important part of many manufacturing operations. Significant amounts of heat are requred for successful powder coating, and infrared heat is ideally suited to this process. Here are a few examples.

  • A motor casing manufacturer applied paint to metal housings via a solvent-based lacquer and ambient drying. The resulting finsh was inconsistently applied, and took a long time to dry. A new system from Heraeus Noblelight made use of infrared modules and a floor conveyor. The new system took very little production space, and allowed curing time to be reduced to one-twelfth of the time.

  • A manufacturer of steel and MDF plates called on engineers at Heraeus Noblelight to provide a test oven to compare efficiency of infrared technology to their existing process heat system. Heraeus researched the application's requirements and provided an efficient and effective shortwave infrared oven featuring temperature control via pyrometer and T-controller. A control cabinet mounted on the oven frame allows precise control.

  • A manufacturer of steel cylinders sought a more efficient method to powder coat the product. The previous method -- a gas-heated air oven -- was 30 meters long, taking up valuable production space. The company replaced it with an infrared oven from Heraeus Noblelight. The new system is less than one-fifth the size of the old oven. The infrared lamps are contoured to match the shape of the cylinder, allowing even heat application and curing. The system provides fast heat-up time and lower power consumption, as well as lower operating cost.

application_curing_powder_motor application_curing_powder_metal application_curing_powder_cylinder

These examples are by no means a complete list. Infrared heat is an effective and efficient means of applying process heat in many other applications.

Explore this site for application solutions employing infrared technology. Heraeus offers complete systems using infrared technology; we can design a system to meet your specific, unique and demanding needs.

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